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We believe that virtually all products and production processes can benefit from our CO₂ technology. FeyeCon offers tailor-made process design and equipment at bench, pilot and production scales. Whether it’s a completely new concept or optimizing existing technology, FeyeCon delivers customized solutions. CO₂ equipment is available on a contract basis, and we offer demonstrations and feasibility testing on our pilot scale facilities. We combine customer input and interdisciplinary knowledge to realize innovative and successful concept designs.  


Tersus Solutions

We’re here to challenge the notion that laundry is boring. We’re asking you to think differently about your clothes, who makes them, and how they are cared for. We’re asking you to join us in making activism as commonplace an act as loading a washing machine. We’re here to show you that clean doesn’t have to be difficult to accomplish.

We are perfecting and deploying environmental laundry solutions for the apparel industry. We believe this is the key to unlocking a truly circular economy that extends the life of resources and maximizes value in supply chains.



Reclaimed and recycled carbon fiber is a low-cost alternative to virgin material for automotive and industrial applications. Vartega’s recycled carbon fiber, which is sourced from various dry fiber and prepreg scrap sources, exhibits the same mechanical properties as virgin carbon fiber. Vartega’s fiber is available in semi-continuous, chopped, and milled formats. It is ideally suited for use in thermoplastics, non-wovens, and molding compounds.

Custom sizing chemistries are available for optimal surface adhesion.


Azoth Solutions

Azoth Solutions combines a passion for plants, science and resource efficient systems design. Compelled by the numerous challenges and opportunities of horticulture, Azoth Solutions introduced innovative product solutions to both ends of the plant life spectrum. First by growing healthier, more robust plants faster utilizing true aeroponics. Then, using methods pioneered by our skilled team, safely extracting and fractionating plant components without using toxic solvents. Azoth Solutions™ resource-efficient engineering and design is at the core of all CUBIX True Aeroponics™ and Xact Xtract™ Liquid CO₂ products. That same focus applies to Azoth Consulting and Encore Scientific services because we know that superior processes and support simply delivers superior cost-efficient results.


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